Colossus of Rhodes…


The Colossus of Rhodes is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. It was a huge statue, which depicted the sun god. Erected by Harry in Lindos, in the 3rd century BC was bronze, giant, at 33 meters, mounted on a marble pedestal. The imposing face was distinguished from the entrance to the port of Rhodes.
  The legend says that in the 4th century BC the Sun God saved the people of Rhodes so as gratitude to him, the Rhodians erected Colossus. Embodied the power of the sun, its imposing light adorns and bathes all the people giving warmth, strength and love in their souls. The light reflected on the impressive statue and impressed every visitor from every corner of the earth. In 226 BC, Colossus collapsed as his knees were crushed by a large earthquake.
  Despite the disastrous fall of the statue, it was still continued to be one of the greatest wonders of the world and being famous for its magnificent and impressive appearance. Anyway, over the centuries continues to symbolize the freedom and independence of Rhodes, creating the sense that before encountered a construct is very difficult to build again. Nowadays there are discussions about the restoration of the leaders of the revival and preservation of our cultural and historical heritage. The hallmark of the harbor of Rhodes, tends to be reshaped by turning once again the attention of the world in the heart of the Aegean. It is proposed a construction of 150 meters, in order to operate as a monument - museum, library and cultural center, but also to regain the role of the Colossus, a lighthouse in the port of Rhodes. A benchmark for the evening ships and a testament to the power and strength of the island.
  The study suggests a structure unique in responding to earthquakes and strong winds to the upper structure allows the dynamic control to strong vibrations that may occur in this area. If this project can be realized, will be one of the most important architectural structures that will remain once again in history, reviving the myth of the Colossus and keeping the fire of the sun lit inside the hearts of hundreds of visitors.