Driving the east coast of Rhodes


The west coast of Rhodes can be quite rough for those unaccustomed to the strong winds, the bare landscapes and the noisy windsurfing crowds. The east coast, on the other hand, is every visitor's dream and its worth exploring it driving your own car.

Renting a car is pretty easy as there are plenty of car rental companies in Rhodes, for example offering car hire in Pefkos.

Just opposite of Turkey's Turquoise Coast, it’s no mystery that there are beaches with turquoise waters while golden sandy shores are the majority.

The east coast has to offer nudist stretches, five star hotel luxuries, the island's best tavernas and fish restaurants, the beach bars and the nightlife. Kalithea attracts mostly young people but the landscape shouldn't go unnoticed by noone. A colorful pine – covered bay with old spas is a rare site by any regard.

Most visitors target the tavernas and waters of Lindos but the village of Koskinou is just 10 km from the city, offering a glimpse of traditional Rhodes with its Venetian heritage and it's close to our car hire Lindos collection point.

Faliraki beach is ideal for families. The shore slopes gently and thus making it perfect for small children while teenagers can have plenty of fun jetskiing, paragliding, canoeing etc.

At the end of the shore there is a small nudist beach for those who want a full body tan and a natural experience. The beach is not officially designated as a nudist beach, in fact it is illegal. However, no one will complain.

The fabulous crystal-clear beach of Afandou (21 km) is a must but the village itself is quite interesting with religious monuments and a Golf Course.

If you brought your clubs along maybe you should think of spending the afternoon there otherwise you should head to the magnificent Epta Piges (Seven Springs), a pine oasis with crystal waters.

Next stop Tsambika Beach. This the exact opposite of Faliraki. It's a long sandy sore, quite secluded, with a monastery, turquoise waters and fairly organised services.

From Pefkos starts an almost uninterrupted beach with fabulous spots like Glistra, Kiotari, Gennadi, Plimiri and finally Prassonissi at the extreme southwest end of the island.

Looking for some hollywood aura; The Ladiko with its emerald sea waters used to be owned by the Oscar winning actor and a lover of Greek culture, Anthony Quinn. Very few spots in the island combine sharp cliffs and a sandy shore (though quite small).

Just a few kilometres down south is the next cove you should visit , that of Haraki. It's a sleepy fishing village in the winter, it sports the medieval castle of Faraklos and lies on a marvelous bay that leads to Kalathos and then to Vliha Bay.

Final stop Lindos. Lindos is where most tourists end up after driving to reenergise at the local tavernas, get some rest, drink a greek unfiltered coffee served with the sediment and the head back to the capital. It's preferable to take the same route back as the other option it's more adventurous.