Exploring the sea…


The suitcase is closed, little airy summer clothes, hats, sunscreens smell coconut, elevated mood, and in the middle of the scene is your smiley face ready for the most beautiful exploring vacations in the most impressive island of the Aegean, Rhodes. Nothing can spoil this atmosphere of total relaxation and tranquility. Summer is the best time to forget the stress of the city, to put in the closet routine and program and let the cool blue waters of the endless Aegean stretching you.
  In the beautiful island of Rhodes, you will visit some of the most beautiful and special beaches. Everything be discovered in this magical island is much more than your expectations and this is what makes Rhodes the number one destination of Greek and foreign tourists around the world in the years pass. Beaches for every taste, deserted or crowded, for relaxation or entertainment, diving, water sports and cruises, beaches for every mood and taste, all gathered in the imposing piece of land that overlooks the Aegean.

Vlycha: One of the most beautiful beaches with golden sand and blue waters. A quiet option for solo vacationers or people who want to enjoy a swim in peace, away from the noise of the world. 

Ixia: A seashore of 8 km, which combines incredibly white pebbles with fine sand on many of the points. We are talking about the coolest waters as the winds blow from that side of the island. Suitable for water sports, especially windsurfing lovers.

Kallithea: Rocky beach, for the more adventurous, with pine trees and green scenery in the turquoise waters. The most popular spot is the busy spas, the "Thermes Kallithea," where is the hot spot point traffic from people of all ages.

Kolimbia: Impressive setting, storyline from the movie, the beach is full of eucalyptus, while the combination of green with golden sand, giving a feeling of total relaxation to every guest.

Ladiko / Anthony Quinn: Picturesque bays, with cool blue waters, fine sand and tranquility, an option for families with young children.

Lindos: Lindos area has one of the most beautiful traditional settlements made with citadel around the beach, the archaeological site and graphics shops that are unable to leave the visitor unmoved.

Tsambika: One of the most characteristic beaches, lively, clean and picturesque gem of the island, completely intertwined with the style and the distinctive features of the island.

Faliraki: Magnet hundreds of tourists around the world for many decades, the seashore of 5 km gives the opportunity to every holidaymaker to enjoy the sea and at the same time entertain the soul discovering each small bar along the beach or just staying in one of the many impressive hotels that adorn the place.