Holidays on four wheels…


  It's high time to arrange and organize your summer holidays. After selecting the favorite destination all you have to do is to arrange for the details of your journey, that is the most vital part of it. How to move? Better to take with the car by paying the ticket or better to rent? How will I know I trusted the best? What should beware?
   By choosing to go on holiday just don’t want to get in trouble for anything. Your goal is just the relaxation and fun and it should and ought to do that. However, if you choose an island as a summer destination, take care for your transfer in the most reliable way. On some islands, large in size, all of which are scattered far apart, it is very important to have a means of transportation in order to return and enjoy any part you want to know without becoming overtired. Advisory, it is advisable to do a little market research if you rent a car for your destination. In the web sites of the companies there is usually a wealth of information about the car models available, prices, description of the technical aspects of cab, the place of delivery of the car and more. In addition, photographs of the cab is available so that you know exactly what will be the car you choose to rent for the days of your vacation.
  However, when you arrive at each destination, you must keep in mind to check some important things in order to be sure that you have made the best choice without endanger your life:

   1. To be fully informed, check if the store that supplies the cars bearing the famous brand of EOT, as only these are valid and authorized in order to provide for rent of all kinds of transport.
  2. Fill in all the necessary documents with great care. See terms and do not forget to take a look at car insurance in case an accident is caused so that be covered and legal.
   3. If you are a driver more than two years, there is no problem. Otherwise, do not take the step of renting, as it is illegal and there will be fines and consequences for you and for the entrepreneur.
   4. Make the necessary control of the car prior to you and your safety. The tank should be returned with the same amount of fuel with which you received it. The machine must be clean, the car does not make strange noises. Check in advance any of cab damage so as not to penalize you with any wear category.
   5. Check the oil level, tire pressure and the cab temperature.
Your choice should be particularly careful if it comes to your personal safety. For a safe journey without fatigue and extra trouble, find the best deals and spend an unforgettable summer on four wheels safely.