Medieval City of Rhodes…


    Greece is one of the most beautiful and safe choices to your list of summer destinations. Being aware of the fact that the sun, the heat, the sea and the sunsets are your allies for an unforgettable summer, all you have to do is to close your suitcase and travel to places that will take you to another time. The Greek islands are famous for romance, diversity and beauty. At any of the islands you decide to travel, do not forget to obtain the necessary but mainly with the desire to explore.
  In one of the most historic Greek islands, Rhodes, you'll find everything you are looking for. An integral part of the cultural heritage of the place is the Medieval City of Rhodes, which is included since 1988, in the UNESCO list of World Heritage of UNESCO. Upon entering the main gate, we observe the exuberant medieval buildings that look like fortresses, narrow streets, old houses with quaint balconies and small, peaceful squares in the city center. All like a bit of a bygone era, plucked from a fairytale. Moving down there we are capable of exploring and discovering the Street of the Knights, one of the lively and typical streets of the Old Town. The complex of paved roads in conjunction with the island breeze, travels the mind and creates the impression of a fabulous era, which drags us to its rhythms.
  Combine fun with history discovering all the secrets of the Knights on a ride that will make you reconsider your opinion on contractual holidays. The modern era in conjunction with the medieval rite convert the journey of each visitor in a new adventure. The natural beauty, the magnificent landscape and the surprises hidden in the island at every corner, leaving no room for anything else but for excitement. Typical example of aristocratic appearance and cosmopolitan aura, Rhodes will reward you the most, wherever you decide to enjoy your days of relaxation during the holidays.