The power of spa...


In Rhodes, there are the famous springs of Kallithea. It is an area named by lovers, Emerald Island, as it was unique in beauty and reputation, unsurpassed in the world. Historically, the party launched the Italians, July 1st, in 1929, with glory and prices. It was a place where there was an attraction for millions of patients and scientists, and prided itself for its thermal springs. At that time, it is said that travelers and hundreds of people with serious problems, travelling to the springs to bathe in the water gushing from the rocks. The red water coming out therefrom was balm for any kind of disease, such as malaria, dysentery, asthma, obesity, diabetes, arthritis, intestinal diseases and skin conditions of any kind. The beneficial water was the best medicine for all people travelling miles to try it. In December 1928 there was a restoration of some kind and the sources named "Royal" because of the excellent results they had.
After years, that this monument remained in history and started to be abandoned, private initiative came so resumed in another form but always having as a legacy of the specificity of hot sources at that point of the island. Nowadays is enviable for its benefits, its architecture and beauty, its natural beauty, crystal clear turquoise waters for swimming, pebble familiar point for walks and relaxation. Inside the place famous artists exhibitions, conferences, cultural events and celebrations take place. On Kallithea Springs have been shot, in the past, Greek films, trademarked by the beautiful monuments and corners of the party seems as if it is from another era. Inside the monument you will find shops where you can buy souvenirs and traditional products of the region.
Make the step and visit this special place that you can only find on the sunny island of Helios, Rhodes.