Rhodes airport set for amazing facelift

In great news for tourists to our beautiful island, Rhodes airport is set for a huge facelift and development to further improve visitor experience.

Unsurprisingly, given its popularity as a tourist destination, the airport has seen huge increases in the number of visitors in recent years. The aim is now to upgrade the airport to ensure it is of the quality that the island deserves. The airport receives around a million passengers a year, and the island itself saw an enormous 35% rise in the number of visitors between April 2016 and April 2017, so tourism officials clearly feel a bigger, improved Rhodes airport is needed to cope with the increased demand.

The extensive development plans include the renovation of the terminal building, increasing the number of check-in areas, gates and luggage conveyor belts and the construction of a new fire station. Two restaurants at the airport are also now ready to be opened. In addition, the airport apron, the area where planes are parked and refueled, will be expanded by almost a third.

The news was first announced In July after meetings between airport bosses and the mayor of Rhodes. The development work will be carried out by Fraport Greece, which owns many regional airports across the country. Fraport’s CEO, Alexander Zinell, described Rhodes as “one of the most beautiful islands of Greece, a destination renowned for its unique history and natural beauty.

“Rhodes will soon have an airport to be proud of,” he added.

The facelift is expected to begin next month, so visitors to Rhodes next summer may well be able to benefit from the improvements, although development is expected to continue until 2021. Fraport claim that the improvements will ensure the airport is able to cope with continual rises in visitors for the next 20 years.

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