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Home to one of the most popular beaches on Rhodes, Kiotari is a modern, tourist-centric resort brimming with all the amenities you need to enjoy your holiday in the utmost comfort and style. Designed for both couples and families, you’ll find a wide range of well-appointed hotels as well as plenty of modern bars, restaurants and shops including a large shopping centre. The population is mostly tourists, and nearly all attractions require motor transport- the most economical of these being car hire. Kiotari offers luxurious 21st century accommodation with a glamorous feel.

You never know what wonders are right around the corner. Learn more below about the advantages of AutoRhodes car hire in Kiotari and throughout the island.

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Just some of the things to do during your visit:

  • See the yachts in Mandraki Harbour- the exclusive mooring of many of the luxury private craft that stopover in Rhodes is packed with eye-catching vessels and makes for a glamorous waterfront stroll. Close to some of the island’s finest restaurants this is the ideal place for an evening walk before enjoying some of the fantastic cuisine available nearby. The perfect place to watch a seaside sunset in style before heading into town for some lively nightlife.
  • Step back in time at the Acropolis of Lindos- a magnificent ruin from the days of the Ancient Greeks, this stalwart bastion has stood against both millennia of conflict and the years themselves. Comprising a stunning blend of original ancient and medieval stonework, this impressive fortress overlooks the popular village of Lindos - another must-see destination for your visit. Stand in the footsteps of Greek heroes, Roman legionaries, Byzantine warriors, and Crusader knights while taking in the commanding view of the surrounding landscape. Ensure to visit the Church of St John, the temple of Athena, and feel the ancient stone relief artwork still visible cut into the rock, despite being 22 centuries old. Take advantage of our car hire in Lindos and see all of these attractions easily and at your own leisure.
  • Explore Rhodes on horseback at the A&E Elpida Ranch- perfect for families who want a break from the beach, this exciting & friendly retreat can give your holiday a flavour of something different- famous for its popular horseback riding, as well as archery and hiking. A warm reception and easy-going atmosphere mean this is an ideal laid back day of adventure, suitable for families, beginners and experienced equestrians alike. A firm favourite among repeat visitors to the island, many of whom don’t consider each trip complete without a chance to take in the stunning panoramic views around the ranch from the saddle.
  • Arrive with a splash with kayaking & canoeing- as you’d expect there are a wide range of water sports available in Rhodes, with boat-based adventure well and truly on the must-do list for first timers and returning visitors alike. For those for whom the beach just isn’t enough, paddle boarding among the coral, snorkelling in idyllic bays and even jet skiing through the pristine Mediterranean make Rhodes a great destination for an active, as well as tranquil, holiday.
  • Spend the day at the Cultural and Geological Palace of Rhodes- this distinctive museum offers an in-depth look at the history of Rhodes, but also some of the scientific background to the area. A beautiful, classical building houses a broad and detailed overview of some of Rhodes’ most extraordinary treasures, from ceramics to jewellery, books to geological samples. A fascinating insight into Greek history and one of the most popular visitor attractions on the island.