Safety tips for driving in Rhodes

Seat Belts

By law, everyone travelling in the vehicle (front and back seats) must use a seatbelt or approved child restraint. Child restraints are available from our company.

Keep Right

In Rhodes we drive on the right and overtake on the left. That means the centre line is always on the left or drivers side of the car.

Speed limits

In Rhodes, the top speed limit is 80km/hour (50 mph) on the two major highways, Rhodes/Lindos and Rhodes/Kalithea.

In built-up areas, you drive at 50km/hour (30 mph), while on provincial roads the top speed in 70km/hour (40 mph).


While enjoying the convenience of travelling by car, whilst driving in Rhodes town you may get frustrated by parking. A parking area is indicated by a blue road sign, with a white "P" on it. The sign posts in Rhodes carry directions in both English and Greek, and once you have parked your vehicle, you have to purchase a ticket from the nearest automated machine. The cost is 1.50 euro per hour, Monday to Saturday. We at Autorhodes can give you some useful tips and information about parking all over the island.

Accident procedures

If you're involved in an accident, please do the following:

  • Stop and check if anyone has been injured.
  • Give all the practical help you can and call an ambulance (dial 166).
  • Immediately notify the nearest Autorhodes rental location (refer to the Rental Agreement for contact information).
  • If Police Officers have not attended the accident, and injury is involved, you must contact the Police.
  • If the accident involves damage to property (e.g. a farmer's fence) and the owners cannot be located, contact the Police within 48 hours.

Your rental vehicle

Always familiarize yourself with the vehicle's safety equipment, including hazard lights, windshield wipers, the spare tire, seat belts and door locks. Make sure the vehicle always has plenty of petrol.

Emergency telephone numbers

  • Hospital : 166
  • Fire station :199
  • Police : 100