5 Reasons to Hire a Car in Rhodes

One of the main questions travellers need to ask themselves before going on holiday is how they will get around once they arrive. In some cities, efficient public transport is the way to go; in small towns or villages your best bet may be on foot; and in other destinations taxis could be the best option.

However, Rhodes is one popular tourist destination where hiring a car to get around is without doubt the best choice. Here are five reasons why you should hire a car for your trip to Rhodes.

  1. Taxis from the airport can be expensive

The vast majority of visitors to Rhodes arrive at the island via the airport. However, many visitors to Rhodes do not realise that the airport is located about a 20-minute drive from the city of Rhodes. The distance is even further if you are staying in one of the island’s popular villages such as Kiotari or Lindos. Of course, this means that hiring a taxi to take you to your hotel is likely to be very expensive, especially in peak months.

  1. Driving gives you access to scenic routes and picturesque views

Hiring a car for your holiday allows you to reach areas of the island that would be off-limits if you were reliant on public transport to get around or travelling on foot. Take advantage of this flexibility by driving to the Filerimos Hills and monastery in the north-east of the island and checking out the stunning panoramic views from the top of the island of the Bay of Ixia.

These scenic routes offering views over Rhodes are the best way to see the island – don’t miss out!

  1. Travel at your own leisure – avoid waiting for public transport

One of the problems with public transport is the need to wait for your transport to arrive and having to plan your days around the availability of transport to and from the area you want to visit. In addition, public transport in the hottest months of the year can often be crowded and unpleasant. Hiring a car allows you to travel at your own leisure and create your own timetables, as well as beat the queues for the bus. In summer months, Rhodes is always busy, so having your own car allows for a more relaxing experience.

  1. See as much of the island as possible during your stay

Of course, when you travel abroad for a holiday, you want to see as much of the destination that you’re visiting as possible before you have to return home. When the destination in question is as beautiful and historic as Rhodes, that’s even more true.

Car travel offers the best way to see as much of Rhodes as possible during your stay on the island. As Rhodes is quite a small island, with good planning you can easily see everything it has to offer by driving around.

  1. The sense of adventure and independence

Hiring a car to get around gives you an extra flexibility that other methods of transport do not offer. In addition, it gives you the chance to discover places and routes for yourself by chance, and to stray from the beaten track. Stumble upon one of Rhodes’ lesser-known routes and take advantage of some scenic views.

AutoRhodes provide high quality, affordable car hire in Rhodes. Our hire cars can be collected at the airport or at various locations across the island. See here for more information about pick-up locations or get in touch if you have any questions.