Rhodes Nightlife Guide 2018

A Guide to Rhodes' Nightlife Scene in 2018

Like most popular tourist destinations, Rhodes has plenty to offer when it comes to nightlife. However, where the island excels itself is in the scope of its offerings – there’s truly something for everyone, regardless of your age or musical tastes.

For many people there’s nothing better on warm summer evenings than relaxing with a drink in hand and watching live music, drinking refreshing cocktails, or heading down to a nightclub. When you've spent the day on one of Rhodes' beautiful beaches, or wandering round its historic Old Town in the Greek heat, that's even more true.

Luckily Rhodes has plenty of each category, as you can see below.

As the next summer season approaches, we’ve picked out something for everyone in this guide to Rhodes’ nightlife scene.

Live music

Catering to various tastes, Rhodes has several venues offering different live music experiences.

In the summer months you’ll often find live music that is suitable for all ages happening at Mandraki Harbour.

The seafront is also home to live music venues such as the student-friendly Methexi, or, slightly further inland, the Legends Rock Bar, popular with locals and, unsurprisingly, rock fans.

Even Rhodes’ villages have something to offer when it comes to live music. The picturesque village of Lindos hosts rock festivals every year; in June 2018 it will host the 10-day Lindos Rock festival.

Beach bars

Rhodes’ array of stunning beaches is one of its greatest assets – so it’s only natural that the island makes the most of them when it comes to its nightlife scene.

The most famous of Rhodes’ beach nightspots is the Paradiso nightclub, which has been named in the top 40 nightclubs in the world for each of the last three years by the International Nightlife Association. Known for its cocktails, the open-air nightclub, located in Kallithea, has attracted world-famous DJs and has a capacity of over 4,000.

However, there are plenty of other beach bars worth a try, such as Ostria Beach Bar on Kalathos beach, halfway down the island’s east coast, whose summer parties attract decent crowds.

Trendy bars

If you’re after fancy cocktails and sophisticated drinks in bars, Rhodes Town is where you want to be. Bars such as Reflections and the Macao Lounge Bar in the Old Town offer refreshing cocktails in classy surroundings.

The Latin-themed cocktail bar Todo Bien on Pythagora Street is also well worth a visit for its lively Cuban music and atmosphere.


Faliraki is known for its strips of clubs and bars.

If you’re looking for a more traditional clubbing experience, head for Faliraki on the north-east coast of the island, one of Rhodes’ most tourist-centric areas.

Faliraki used to have a reputation for being too lively but it’s calmer these days. Straightforwardly, its nightlife consists of two self-explanatory roads: Bar Street and Club Street. One of the first destinations to become popular for clubbing holidays, it remains a popular choice for young people from all over Europe but is not exclusively a young person spot.


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